Web Management

Web Management Philosophy

Web management takes on a variety of different forms. Some organizations need a website created. Some organizations need their website revamped. Some organizations just need content creation. I have experience doing all three. Creating digital content requires the writing, editing, and design philosophies I have already discussed. Here, I will be talking about how I go about designing a website from scratch or revamping a pre-existing website.

Web Design

As a web designer, I have practiced countless hours of independent learning—a skill I will need the rest of my life as technology continues to evolve. Currently, I am sufficient in html and css to create adaptive websites. In addition, I am familiar with WordPress, Joomla, and Squarespace as website management tools. As an independent learner, I am willing to enter a job environment that requires me to continue learning about coding to fulfill the needs of the organization.

Designing a website is a long process when done with care and multiple stages of development. The principles of usability, accessibility, and sustainability help me consider how to implement user-centered and enduring design. Before any designing, I develop sitemaps and navigation maps for the website’s information architecture. My design process goes through phases of low and high fidelity wireframing, and I have practice implementing user testing in multiple stages of development. Websites are one of the main ways organizations communicate with the public and create a first impression. As such, their design requires an extensive process. If you would like to learn more about my web design process, please contact me.

MRULE Home Wireframes
Example: While revamping the MRULE WordPress site, I began with low fidelity wireframe sketches. These low fidelity wireframes were then used to create higher fidelity drafts in Google Documents. The MRULE team found Google Documents to be helpful for collaboration and reviewing during the redesign process. Prior to the redesign, the website had pages with outdated information and little to no content.

Final Homepage
After processes of wireframing, reviewing, and editing, I updated the MRULE WordPress site with new content and layouts.

Web Revamping

The goal of website revamping is pinpointing what can be recycled and what new content needs to be created. Sometimes websites have a great overall layout, but the content needs to be updated or the information structure needs to be reorganized. Other times, the content is great, but the design or platform is outdated. By working with a current organization, we can determine what we can keep as the website changes to ensure the process is as efficient as possible. It’s not necessary to completely redesign a website that has a good foundation or completely rewrite solid content that already exists.